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Spring Real Estate Market?!


Spring Real Estate Market?!

While it surely feels like we are in the true grip of winter and that famous groundhog Phil has proclaimed we are in for 6 more weeks of it- we are on the cusp of what our real estate world has deemed the start of the spring real estate market – Super Bowl Sunday. Perhaps it has just been a way to grab a date off the calendar and provide a call to action for our clients but it has historically been the marker for when we see our listing inventory replenish.

This year we are hungrier than ever for this possibility as our

local buyer is anxious for inventory and the opportunity to have a choice. It is a pretty limited choice when we see there were a total of 33 available homes in Glen Ellyn and 36 in Wheaton as of this am. This reality does not jive with what the media is relaying in terms of falling market prices due to interest rates, job losses, inflation, etc. and is a reminder that real estate is very hyper local. We should not compare ourselves to areas where news is generalized from.

As agents, we liken our daily activities to Columbo or Benoit Blanc (gotta see the movie Glass Onion if you don’t know who he is!). Searching our MLS feeds for the latest new listing every hour does not cut it. We are sleuthing for information through our clients, other realtors, on line social sites, anyway we can to provide options for our clients. We know that unsearchable knowledge and information are the most valuable thing we can provide and we work on it daily.

Please reach out to us if you are considering a move or just want to pick our brain on a project you are contemplating in your home and want to know if it is a value adder. We would love to hear from you!