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Tribute to the New Adventurer


Tribute to the New Adventurer

This year we have had the honor of listing quite a few of the long time homes of our good friends and clients. While this is a typical ritual in our real estate business- it did seem to be more prevalent this year than in past years.

 These homes embodied our friends and client’s lives over the past 20 years or so… where they experienced the best of what life can bring as well as those not so great times that life can bring as well. It truly is a bittersweet experience to be a part of this transition.

The sweet part is that we see the fun adventure our friends are embarking on… downsizing and living part time in a warmer part of the country, opting to make a smaller home work or possibly taking time off from home ownership by renting while they decide where they might want to create their next story. The hard part is catching a look on the face of our friend as they announce that they have decided it is the right time to sell. It is not a normal look. It is the look of being broken hearted because they have decided to leave something dear to them that they were not quite ready to leave.

We have learned that it is the living that was done in these homes that is hard to part with.

Cheers to your new adventures as well as the “living” that will be embarked upon within different walls!

The Carrie & Renee Team

Carrie, Renee, Lauren, Stephanie & Didi

Real Estate in the News

The Real Estate Refresh Has Arrived

The most recently published housing data (May 2021) showed the real estate refresh has arrived, as active listings posted sizable gains for the first time in three years. Active listings rose 5% last month, the biggest increase since March 2019. Meanwhile, new listings were up 6% annually.

Courtesy of CNBC

Local Happenings

Tour of Lake Ellyn

July 23rd

Originally conceived in the late 1970s by local cycling legend John Vande Velde, the race was resurrected in 2016 and has multiple unique course features, including a round-about, multiple power climbs and a tight final turn. The Glen Ellyn will be the first stop on this year’s Triple Crown! More information can be found here.


July 28th – 31st

Back in Grant Park and taking place between the skyline and the shore of Lake Michigan, the four day music festival is ready to rock. Tickets for this larger-than-life music experience can be found here.

DuPage Co Fair

July 29th – July 31st

There is something for everyone at the DuPage County Fair. Plenty of entertainment, animals, food, exhibits and carnival rides. Fun for all ages. Check out more details here.

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

Should You Renovate Your Home

Before Putting It on the Market?

There’s a big difference between renovating a home and updating it. The former involves a more dramatic execution -knocking down walls or retiling an entire bathroom. Updating is making cosmetic changes such as painting a kitchen or replacing a light fixture. Renovating is, obviously, much more expensive and time-consuming than updating, and that’s why many sellers resist it when they’re listing their home. But before making any major renovations, ask your real-estate pro if the money you plan to spend can be recouped in the selling price.

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Magazine