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Here We Go Again!


Here We Go Again!

We have dived straight into the 2022 real estate market with a renewed feverish tension. Akin to the constantly changing Covid-19 – our real estate market has similar characteristics. It’s generally hot but its intensity has ebbed and flowed. The summer months gave us a breather from the virus and we enjoyed a sense of sweet freedom. Those same months were a breather for the intensity of real estate. However, January finds us  in Covid’s grip again and real estate buyers are feeling this same tight grip. The unsuccessful buyers from last year are waiting patiently for the new inventory to start emerging while a new crop of buyers have surfaced that were not in the market last year which is compounding the imbalance of inventory to buyers. The rise of interest rates is also a motivator for today’s buyer to purchase while the rates remain favorable. (Current 30 year fix is over 3.6%)  

The sales prices achieved in 2021 also will translate into higher asking and selling prices in the coming year. So, it will be an interesting market indeed….stay tuned!!

The Carrie & Renee Team

Carrie, Renee, Lauren, Stephanie & Didi

Tootin’ Our Horn

2021 was a year in which our team saw growth and opportunity. We are so grateful to all our clients in helping us finish out the year with $30 million in sales and 62 total transactions! 🥂🍾

Integrity. Passion. Dedication. Longevity….

Everything you need in a real estate team

We look forward to working hard for you and providing the highest level of service and attention in 2022!