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Market Thoughts


Market Thoughts

It is hard to believe February has rolled around again and we are 30+ days into a new real estate market. Coming into January we collectively wondered if the 2020 suburban buying frenzy would continue to repeat in 2021 and our question was answered within mere days of this new year.

At the risk of sounding repetitive….we are indeed within a seller’s market which is characterized by limited inventory and a healthy amount of qualified buyers. 

There has been no more important time to choose your real estate broker wisely and The Carrie & Renee Team is here to advise you and protect your interests. This is truly what we pride ourselves on providing for our clients. Just because the market is crazy does not mean a buyer or seller should forget the principles that guide solid real estate decisions. 
Here is wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and hoping that darn groundhog got it wrong!

Let’s Play a Game! Who Can Guess What TV Show or Movie these Residences are From? (In the spirit of real estate fun!)

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